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What Customers Are Saying

...Her non-judgmental style put me completely at ease...

...I am getting so much more done!

It was the best sales year I had!

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We offer a variety of classes and webinars to individuals and companies to improve your productivity and organization.

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Increase Time Management...Feedback from Our Customers

Clearly Organized values the opinion of our clients and promises 100% Satisfaction for our services.  We help clients maximize their resources, set up efficient systems, achieve their goals, reduce their stress level, and so much more.  But don't let us tell you....let our clients tell you themselves!  

We have a variety of customers from small to large businesses, as well as non-profits, and associations.  See some of our customers.  

Here is what they say...

I wanted to tell you what a work/life game changer it was to attend your seminar and think COMPLETELY differently regarding the use of emails, papers, and processing admin work.
- Foris A. - Hanscom AFB
You did such an amazing job for me!  You have good vision and planning.
- Alan F. - Attorney
I thought your presentation was excellent...What I found most helpful were the tips you offered to get through the minutia of emails.
- Richard T. - Town Of Natick
I’m so motivated and excited about our meeting yesterday! You were amazing!  I loved how you taught me so many strategies, and were so kind and encouraging. I’m on my way to being more organized, and giving all things a home (either here or in someone else's home, ha ha!)
- Cheryl O. - Art Instructor
Lorena was a fantastic teacher, and I learned so much!
- Attendee from Hanscom A.F.B.

Your tips from last week’s [email] class were fantastic!
 I spent the next day at work telling all of my coworkers about your class.  I had extra time since I was a bit more organized!

- Kerry C. - Genzyme

I was really impressed with your seminar.  
I never learned so many practical and useful tips in such a short period of time. It was definitely worth the time spent!
- Colleen G. - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Lorena, I’m so glad I brought you in.  All the organizational and productivity tips and techniques you taught me, especially regarding Microsoft Outlook, helped me meet a tight deadline during a tax audit.  The audit process was so smooth that the IRS was flabbergasted when we didn’t ask for any extensions.  Without our work together, I’m not sure I would have been able to meet their deadlines.  Everyone was so impressed with my organizations skills!  I felt like a hero - thanks so much!  

I feel 30-50% more productive in my office after working with you!
- Sandy K.  Executive Assistant

Because of the work Lorena and I did, I found $11,000!  I would recommend her to anyone!
- Sharon O. - Small Business Owner

I'm 75% more productive after working with Lorena!
- Nancy B. - VNA Care Network & Hospice

Lorena, I think you were great!  This is the best time management class to which I've been.  Wish you could come back and spend a little more time.  I'm looking forward to utilizing your tips. Thanks for coming!
- Vanji F. - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

"Taming Your Email Inbox" was the best corporate presentation I've ever been to!
- David B. - Fresenius

I have to tell you how much I learned from your presentation to the Greater Boston chapter of IAAP.  I have become SO much more organized and efficient. 

The first thing I did when I got to the office the next day was to turn off my email pop-up alert.  I told myself I would try it for three days and reassess [if I should leave it off].  I was HOOKED.  Not necessary to reassess.  And I've converted three other colleagues too.  They love it!
You've also helped me mentally prepare to hit the ground running when I get to work.  I know exactly what I'm going to work on.  I don't start the day floundering. 

There have been a couple of days when I was out of the office unexpectedly and I could look at my list and see what could wait, or what I needed to ask someone else to do for me.  I've never been able to do that before because I didn't plan ahead.  Thanks again!
- Laurie W. - State Street

I really enjoy your e-mail updates and tips.  I redid my e-mail folders based on your advice!
- Local Attorney in Watertown, MA

We met at Dunkin' Brands...and you challenged me to get the stuff out of my basement and to the Salvation Army within 5 days.  I'm happy to report that my husband and I moved everything out of the basement that night and we did it in 20 minutes or less.  He brought everything to the Salvation Army on Thursday!!!!  I was so motivated that I even went to my porch, rolled up the sleeping bags and put them in a bin in the basement.  Now the "porch" project doesn't seem as big to me now.

Thank you so much for motivating me and helping me to understand that breaking down the task makes it less overwhelming!
- Trudy S. - Dunkin' Brands

The Carlisle Board of Health was very pleased with your work on preparing our After Action Report & Improvement Plan.  The consolidated information included will be of great help for future flu clinics.  
- Linda F. - Town of Carlisle Health Dept.

Lorena is one smart cookie.  She comes from a strong sales background and started her own business a couple of years ago.  She focuses on helping people develop processes that save them time and money.  I can personally recommend Lorena as she helped one of my brothers set up new systems and processes as part of a residential move.  My brother says that he simply “couldn’t have done it without her” and that her guidance was invaluable.
- Paula D. - Small Business Owner

Lorena, you have really helped me more than you can know!!
- Nancy B. Volunteer Coordinator at a local non-profit

I am an unorganized person who always feels overwhelmed.  When Lorena and I partnered together...sometimes it would only take a 20 minutes check in with her to have her help me organize my thoughts and focus on top priorities.  It was the best sales year I had.  It was probably the most enjoyable year I had...and I got a good friend of out the deal.
- AnnMarie K - Sales Professional - Fortune 500 Company

Lorena, I just turned in two grants two days BEFORE their deadline.  That would have been unheard of in my pre-Clearly Organized Life days!!  Thank you for helping me get a handle on the grants management piece.
- Andrea R. - Marketing Director for a local non-profit

Lorena was professional and polished throughout our entire meeting. She appeared prepared and organized (she practices what she preaches!), and gave me realistic goals and strategies for better time management and organization. Her non-judgmental style put me completely at ease, and I truly felt that she listened to what I was saying and taking it into consideration, custom-tailoring an easy-to-implement organization solution. She is top-notch!

[Update from customer]
P.S. Our meeting last month has made such a big difference for me.  I have gotten so much done today and even had time to waste 20 min on Facebook! Seriously, every day is so much more productive.

- Veronica P. - Graphic Designer

You did a great job - you had enthusiasm and a personal touch.  Very enjoyable. Thanks!
- Participant at MIT lecture

I cannot speak highly enough of Lorena... She was an excellent service provider. Responsible, prompt, with high integrity and wonderful customer service skills. Lorena always made herself available to help even with unrealistically short turn around times during off business hours and followed up to ensure everything was delivered on time and to expectations. Dependable, detailed oriented, bright and consistent are qualities that come to mind when I think of my work experience with Lorena. I would give Lorena very high recommendations to anyone considering working with her.
- Angela S. - Real Estate Company

I would absolutely recommend her workshop!
- Workshop Participant

Lorena is a fun, positive and organized professional who was very supportive during the whole reorganizing/purging process.  Working in a home office, I found my productivity rose while my stress level was significantly reduced.  It felt as if a burden had been lifted resulting in eliminating feelings of guilt surrounding my disorganized home and office.  This freed me, mentally, to consider tackling other, more fun and creative home decor projects that I had thought about, but lacked mental energy to begin.  Being organized and having a plan established to remain organized, frees up time for other more inspiring enjoyable activities.  And it FEELS GREAT to be CLUTTER FREE!
- Karen S. - Sales Professional

...It feels great having things under my control and the amazing thing is, I am getting so much more done!...
- Leila J. - Retired

Lorena's workshop inspired me to take action!
- Attendee from Conquering
Procrastination Seminar

Working with Lorena was a pleasant experience - she takes tasks that seem impossible and somewhat overwhelming and brings them to a manageable level where the tasks can be accomplished.  She also provides directions on how to finish things just in case you run out of time.
- Jodi D. - Sales Professional

Lorena is detail-oriented, excellent at building relationships with clients and has solid follow through capabilities. I would recommend her.
- Elizabeth H. - Sales Professional

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