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Time Management Classes

We offer a variety of classes and webinars to individuals and companies to improve your productivity and organization.

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Time Management and Productivity for your corporate or virtual office

Time Management Seminars & Organizing Classes

Develop new skills and change your life!  Be more productive, use your computer more wisely, organize your office space, and get more out of each day.   If you're interested in productivity, then spend time in one of our seminars, and you'll learn practical steps to getting more done every day.

We customize our classes, seminars, and presentations to meet your needs and time frame. We work with you to understand what you wish to accomplish and make the seminars insightful, focused, and fun.

You will leave our learning sessions with tactical, practical hands-on techniques that you can apply immediately.  Our goal is to teach life-long skills so that you can be more productive and efficient in your life, both at work and home.

If you wish to have an individual coaching session, please see our Consulting Services.

Productivity & Time Management
  • NEW! Is Productivity Dwindling in Your Open Environment?  
  • 7 Ways Outlook Can Boost Your Productivity 
  • How To Focus in a World of Distractions
  • 10 Habits of Very Productive People
  • Are you Too Busy? Practical Tips for Time Management
  • Time Management:  Using Microsoft Outlook
  • 3 Steps to Conquering Procrastination
  • Are you Too Busy?  Tips for Better Work Life Balance
  • Effective Prioritizing: Tips to Tame Your Task List!
  • 10 Big Time Management Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Time Management Focus
  • Time Management for Administrative Assistants
  • Time Management for the Virtual Office
  • Time Management for Fire Chiefs and Other Office Personnel
  • Time Management for Nurses

  • Make Meetings More Effective

Email & Paper Management
  • Tame Your Email Inbox
  •  Increasing Effectiveness with Microsoft Outlook™
  • Tame Your Paper Chaos

  • 10 Big Organizing Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)
  • Organizing Your Office for Maximum Efficiency
  • Create An Effective Home Office
  • How To Organize Anything

  • Are you Too Busy? Practical Tips for Time Management
  • 10 Big Time Management Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) 

Special Topics
  • Take Back Your Holidays!    

These seminars can be taught at your location or see our upcoming events to find a workshop open to the public in the Boston area.

If you do not see a topic that meets your needs, please Contact Us.  We are happy to discuss additional topics.

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We'll help you reduce stress, get organized, stop procrastinating, and manage time better.

Clearly Organized provides time management, productivity, and organizing classes and seminars, as well as individual and executive coaching in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and other cities.