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We offer a variety of classes and webinars to individuals and companies to improve your productivity and organization.

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...Her non-judgmental style put me completely at ease...

...I am getting so much more done!

It was the best sales year I had!
Time Management and Productivity for your corporate or virtual office

Build Your Time Management Skills

Through our organizing presentations, time management workshops, and one-to one consulting, Clearly Organized helps people sleep better at night, lower anxiety, get more done, and bring control back to their lives.  
The Founder, Lorena Prime, has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including 3M, Office Depot, and US Surgical/Covidien in Sales, Marketing, Training, and Information Technology.  

She shifted gears after 17 years in Corporate America to start her own company so she could focus on her love of efficiency and employee productivity. 

She now works with individuals and businesses to streamline tasks, assess work flow and business processes.  Through her seminars and consulting sessions, she teaches life-long time management and organizing skills to help people get more out of every day. In 2015, Lorena was honored with a Diamond Level Award for outstanding facilitation in the classroom.   

Lorena is a frequent contributor to blogs, magazines, newspapers, and books.  She has been a guest on several radio programs, including Money Matters, and in 2010 helped create a local half-hour television show on organizing.

Time Management Expert Lorena Prime
Lorena Prime
Productivity Expert
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We'll help you reduce stress, get organized, stop procrastination, and manage time better.

Clearly Organized provides time management, productivity, and organizing classes and seminars, as well as individual and executive coaching in
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and other cities.