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We offer a variety of classes and webinars to individuals and companies to improve your productivity and organization.

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Because of the work Lorena and I did, I found $11,000!...

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Productivity and Organizing Tips

Clearly Organized can help!  Did you know that, on average, people lose 55 minutes every day looking for misplaced papers, emails, and other items?  Delays caused by disorganization and inefficiency are not only frustrating, but waste valuable time.

What if you didn't have to spend so much time doing routine office tasks and administrative work?  You could be selling more, seeing more patients, or working on more important tasks - things that increase your revenue.  

Good news! You can improve your organizational and time management skills.  You can overcome your tendency to procrastinate, learn how to increase productivity and get more out of every day.  Clearly Organized will help you and your business...

Be more productive and effective by...
  • Setting goals/priorities and breaking them into actionable steps
  • Setting up action/to-do systems
  • Managing email more effectively
  • Creating bill paying systems
  • Using electronic or paper calendars more productively
  • Modifying habits
  • Improving personal efficiency and productivity

Use your computer more effectively by...
  • Customizing Microsoft Outlook to manage your day better
  • Condensing multiple email accounts into one account
  • Teaching you how to stay on top of your email and decrease that inbox!
  • Streamlining and automating tasks 
  • Setting up online faxing to send and receive important documents
  • Creating automatic file backups

Have an organized office by...
  • Identifying areas of waste and ineffective processes or work flow
  • Decluttering your office or cubicle
  • Setting up paper or electronic file systems
  • Creating an office supply system
  • Streamlining current office supply ordering and minimizing existing inventory
  • Finding qualified people for open job positions  (bringing in resources so you have time to focus on other things!)
  • Creating systems to manage paperwork and paper flow

You will save money, sleep better at night, and decrease anxiety.  You and your employees will be happier and more productive by...

  • Gaining 55+ minutes each day through better organization
  • Maximizing Microsoft Outlook and Word, and your computer desktop
  • Getting more done with organized paperwork and tasks (see our seminars)
  • Creating and achieving your priorities and goals
  • Staying motivated with helpful, tactical tips
  • Maintaining a peaceful balance between work and home

Our Services

We customize our services to meet your needs and time frame.  Your organization will learn life-long skills through our

Contact Us for a 15-minute free consultation to discuss your concerns.   See how we can help you increase productivity and save on your bottom line. 

 Your satisfaction is our promise. When you see immediate results, you'll be glad you called!

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Clearly Organized provides time management, productivity, and organizing classes and seminars, as well as individual and executive coaching in
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